We Hold These Truths to Be Awesome! Google Wave Discovers the Declaration

John Trumbull, "The Declaration of Independence" (1817), U.S. Capitol Rotunda

I have no idea how Google Wave works, what it does, or why I should care. Really tech-savvy readers can check out this article at the Christian Science Monitor for answers I have no time to seek.  However, it is worth noting that the demo text for the new text/e-mail/networking/miracle-working product from Google uses none other than the Declaration of Independence to show how a group can construct a document. From what I have read about Google Wave, I think the Continental Congress already had enough problems on its hands without the Age-of-Reason-equivalent of gamers and tech managers constructing a manifesto for revolution. Example: The demo begins with a simple grievance against King George III: “He is a jerk.” Thomas Jefferson is portrayed making the request “Let’s list out the things the King’s done below … .”  Not surprisingly, his Britannic Majesty is listed in the “no” column when it comes to the on-line vote about the Declaration. Dude, where’s my revolution?


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