Thomas Jefferson and Some Food for Thought

Monticello. A picture from my visit there in 2008.

Please don’t groan too much, but consider the link above both a palate cleanser after all the sober scholarship at this blog and an appetizer that asks us to consider that polymath called Thomas Jefferson in ways usually not considered. The link above connects to a succulent reminder why Jefferson consistently longed to return home to Monticello, even when he was helping a nation come into being. Food historian David DeWitt will speak August 28 at Monticello about the kitchen garden Jefferson ordered planted there, his efforts to improve practical gardening in the United States, and the foods he introduced through innovative horticulture. While at Monticello, I both met DeWitt during a seminar and sampled food from the garden. Each experience was satisfying. The grounds at Monticello are incredibly beautiful, reason enough to visit a place that is more than the home of an American president but also the physical manifestation of one of the nation’s most original minds. As an extra bonus, try the original recipe included in the article from a Jefferson family cookbook. A good bottle of wine will add to the Jeffersonian moment.


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August 26, 2012 · 2:03 pm

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