In the Summer, He’s A Vampire Hunter. On November 9, He’s Mr. Lincoln Again

True, there won’t be scenes of Honest Abe cleaving vampires with his ax or fighting off hoards of the undead clad in Confederate butternut at the Battle of Gettysburg. But Hollywood is firing up the publicity machine for the Steven Spielberg film Lincoln, slated for its premier on  November 9. When your competition includes hobbits, you need to prove that a picture is worth a thousand words (or at least the price of a ticket at the nearest Cineplex). Hence, the admittedly impressive theater one-sheet (publicity poster) portraying Daniel Day-Lewis as the 16th president. It shows an uncanny likeness between the celebrated actor in makeup and at least one Matthew Brady portrait of the president that comes to mind. I’ll see the movie, no doubt. My goodness, I endured the Vampire Hunter experience earlier this summer. Spielberg does take subjects seriously so I have high hopes for at least some penetrating insights about Lincoln revealed in this film.


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