The White House Loves Those Founding Founders!

US-NationalArchives-LogoThe good news: The White House blog recently posted links to the on-line Founding Fathers Archive,  a new website at the National Archives that will allow people to search this collection of papers from the Founding Era. The bad news: The original post (which was no doubt hastily changed today after comments like mine started circulating) referred to Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, and Co. as “The Founding Founders.” Some people will do anything to avoid stating the obvious in the name of establishing politically correct history. Note that the Web address for the White House blog post still has “founding founders” in the URL — that’s right, folks, I don’t make this stuff up. I suppose no one should be surprised. President Obama’s on-the-fly re-editing of the Declaration of Independence during public addresses has raised eyebrows on more than one occasion.  Note to White House staff: The world’s freest republic was created by flawed white males whose political ideals transcend the moral and political transgressions they made and no amount gender-neutral language will explain that idea clearly. “Founding Fathers” (and “Founding Mothers”) makes the point in a way that is accurate and understandable.


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