Weigh Anchor and Full Steam Ahead to Portland for Willamette Writers Conference

WillieFinalTurq2WbIt’s “Portland, ho!” this morning when I trade the smoke-choked Rogue Valley for the Willamette Writers Conference, the largest and most significant event for writers of fiction and non-fiction on the West Coast.

I look forward to the scenic drive and occasional stop along the way. But, my goal is prompt arrival at Willamette Writers by mid-afternoon so I am on time to register and then participate in pre-conference activities including pitch practice. That’s a great opportunity to rehearse my self-promotion by delivering my pitch (a description of my project that should sum up my book for a potential agent or publisher in less than 30 seconds) to a panel of agents who volunteer as reviewers. The feedback is priceless and I’d rather make my mistakes during pitch practice than during the one-on-one with an agent.

As mentioned earlier, I will be shopping my treatment of a proposed book on how to more efficiently and easily learn U.S. history through the use of memory aids and my completed manuscript of an interpretative guide to the Declaration of Independence. Of the two, I think the first of the two projects has some hope. All my finished book has gathered is a large pile of rejection letters. However, one aspect of my personality is an almost naive belief that every day is new day for an opportunity to advance my career. Besides, I am writer. Rejection is part of the daily diet.

I will post updates on conference activities, as well as my observations while hobnobbing with fellow writers and professionals from the world of publishing. Also, I will do my best to remember the principle that too many posts just become noise to a reader.


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