About This Blog

“The Shout Heard ‘Round The World” explores the meaning and message of one of history’s most significant political, economic, and social documents: The Declaration of Independence. Many of the posts are dedicated to news and scholarship that helps explain the history of the American Revolution, the Founding Fathers and Mothers, the political thought of 18th century colonial America, and the long-lasting influence of the Declaration upon related events in U.S. history such as the Civil War or the human rights movement in the nation. In addition, relevant and topical issues find a home here as well, including commentary on current events and the relevance of the Declaration today. In fact, this blogger’s point-of-view is firmly rooted in an axiom, namely, that the Declaration of Independence defined American identity and shaped American political culture in ways more substantial than almost any other statement in the nation’s history. It is a touchstone that defines who we are and what we expect from the exceptional nation called the United States of America. If you like a blog where history, current events, and political ideas old and new cross paths, welcome. You found the right place — and you don’t even have to wait until the Fourth of July to start a conversation. Comments are always welcome. I happily conclude that my readers are mature adults who understand that rational conversation is always valued, and that cheap shots, bigotry, and scurrilous accusations will never see the light of day. When it comes to my own outlook regarding politics and life, you can make your best guess from reading what I write. Let’s just say that “traditional” is not a dirty word here as long as evidence backs the argument.


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